How to Create a Flashcard

1. To create a flashcard topic, navigate to Flashcards on your Instructor Dashboard, and click on Create New.

2. Start by adding the following:

(a) Topic [The name that will appear upon searching for a flashcard]

(b) Featured Image [It should describe the topic accurately with size under 500 KB]

(c) Certification Authority [Pick one from the drop-down menu/ Add on your own]

(d) Certification Name [Pick one from the drop-down menu/ Add on your own]

(e) Short Description [Maximum 160 words]

(f) Selling Price ($) [Set your own selling price (Our recommendation: minimum $2.99 for a flashcard)]

(g) Platform Availability [Choose from App/ Web/ Both]

(h) Search Keywords [Multiple keywords can be added separated by commas]

5. Structuring Your Flashcard

This is where you optimally organize the flashcard content. In order to set it apart, strategize your content in a way that the learners can utilize it to the best of their capabilities.

(a) Course Description [Detailed version of the course]

(b) Level [Choose from Beginner/ Intermediate/ Expert/ All Levels]

(c) Learning Objective [Certification details offered by the Certification Authority]

6. Take your time to fill in all the details. Once done, click on Create Flashcard Topic.

7. You have successfully created a flashcard topic.