How to Create a Practice Exam

1. Click on Instructor in the Menu bar and select My Profile.

2. To create a course, navigate to Exams on your Instructor Dashboard and click on Create New.

3. Planning Your Course

It is extremely important to plan your course for structuring it according to your desired format.

4. Start by adding the following:

(a) Topic [A topic can have multiple exams]

(b) Featured Image [It should describe the course accurately with size under 500 KB]

(c) Certification Authority [Pick one from the drop-down menu/ Add on your own]

(d) Certification Name [Pick one from the drop-down menu/ Add on your own]

(e) Short Description [Maximum 160 words]

(f) Selling Price ($) [Set your own selling price (Our recommendation: minimum $9.99 for a practice exam)]

(g) Platform Availability [Choose from App/ Web/ Both]

(h) Search Keywords [Multiple keywords can be added separated by commas]

5. Structuring Your Course

This is where you optimally organize the course content. In order to set your course apart, strategize your course in a way that the learners can utilize it to the best of their capabilities.

(a) Course Description [Detailed version of the course]

(b) Level [Choose from Beginner/ Intermediate/ Expert/ All Levels]

(c) Learning Objective [Certification details offered by the Certification Authority]

6. Take your time to fill in all the details. Once done, click on Create Exam Topic.

7. You have successfully created a course.