Welcome to Marketplace

Creating an Instructor Account 

1. Click on Login in the Menu bar.

2. Select Instructor Login.


3. Click on Create a New Account.


4. Fill in the required details: Full Name, Email, and Create a Password. Once you agree to accept the Instructor Agreement, press Continue.


5. You have successfully registered and a verification mail is sent to you at the registered email address.

6. Re-enter your credentials to sign up in order to sign in to your Instructor Account.

Adding Instructor Information

1. After successfully logging into your Instructor Account, navigate to Profile on your Instructor Dashboard.

2. Click on Instructor Information.

3. Furnishing Your Details

4. Fill in all the details. Once done, click on Update.

5. You have successfully added your information.

Making an Announcement

1. Navigate to Announcements on the Instructor Dashboard. The announcements get delivered to your enrolled learners via mail.

2. Add the mail contents to be delivered. Once done, you can send a Test Email to your account for validation purposes. Upon review, click on Submit.

3. You have successfully made an announcement.