Creating a Coupon

1. Navigate to Coupon Pricing and Bundle on the Instructor Dashboard. 

2. A list of your active exams and flashcards appears. Find the exam/flashcard for which you want to create a coupon.

3. Click on Actions and select Manage Coupons.

4. The following box appears:

Start by filling in a number in Percentage Off. For example, 20 [i.e. 20% off of the Original Price($)]. While feeding it, you will notice that an amount appears in New Price ($) [i.e. original price at the stated discount percentage].

5. Once the new price is set, select an expiry date for the coupon using End After.

6. Pick whether you want to make the coupon Available to All / Available When Shared. If you choose the latter, provide a Coupon Code in the space alongside. Once done, click on Update.

7. You have successfully created a coupon for the respective exam/flashcards.